Today my students concluded the last of four interviews.  Overall, the series was a tremendous success and my students really seemed to enjoy the experience.  I observed numerous signs of increased engagement within my class (which I will explore at a later time).  But now they’re over.  And I’ve learned over the years that finishing strong is not my forte – many good classroom experiences have fizzled out when there was potential for so much more.  When the whole orchestra should be going crazy as the grand finale approaches, the only sound you hear is the conductor falling off the stage…it’s awkward (for me and everyone else).

This time it’s going to be different.  I’m in the process of figuring out a meaningful way to conclude a series that has had a profound impact on some of my students.  I hope that as my students synthesize their thoughts and new understandings from the people they interviewed, that they will begin to move into the realm of sustained engagement which will hopefully propel them into the rest of their course work with renewed energy and focus.  Onward!