This past week I’ve thrown myself (and my students) into the brave new world of inquiry.  Although in many ways I feel totally unprepared this whole new way of teaching (and learning), the time was right and my students were ready, so I made the jump!  As with all new endeavors, there are the combined feelings of exhilaration and anxiety, trepidation and boldness – all jostling for top spot.  Sounds like an adventure!  After spending only two days on their inquiries, my students left for the weekend excited.  It’s their excitement, along with my beliefs about how inquiry can change the classroom environment that are driving this new teaching initiative forward.

Before I jumped into inquiry learning, I thought it might be a good idea to do some research; after all, I’m not going to jump into the pool until I know how deep it is (just so you know – it’s deep!).  Although I’ve found many articles advocating for inquiry teaching and learning, I’ve had a tough time finding information on how to actually implement an inquiry into the classroom.  Several resources that have been incredibly useful for me in this regard are linked below:

  1. “Focus on Inquiry” “A teacher’s guide to implementing inquiry based learning” developed by the ministry of education in Alberta.  Invaluable.
  2. “Inquiring Mind” is a user friendly site created by a teacher, educational consultant, and ICT facilitator in New Zealand.  This is a great place to get started thinking about how to structure inquiry learning in the classroom.
  3. “Wright’s Room” is a blog created by high school teacher Shelley Wright who is living and breathing inquiry in her classroom.  The things she’s doing with her students is inspirational and her authentic writing has helped me envision and plan out my own inquiry.