There is a lot of buzz around the Kony 2012 media storm. Here is some fresh insight about the issue from someone I respect – definitely worth a read.


Kony 2012 — Most of us involved with social media have heard of it. For some, learning of Kony and his atrocities is new information. However, my students and I are well aware of the situation; last year we raised over $22,000 dollars to help rebuild schools in Uganda that were destroyed during the war between the LRA and the government. Many people know my heart for this issue, which is likely why I started to receive email. 

What do you think about what’s happening? Have you heard the backlash? To be honest, I wanted to say nothing. That’s easier. Definitely safer. But I enter the fray because I think it’s a teachable moment for our students.

What do I think? Honestly? I don’t agree with the stance Invisible Children has taken.

I have a great deal of respect for much of the work Invisible Children has done. They brought to light the injustice occuring…

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