It seems amazing to me that I’ve been blogging off and on for almost two years now and for the most part, my posts have been strictly educational in nature.

I’d like to start changing that – but only slightly.

Over the past year I’ve realized that I can’t divorce who I am from my teaching.  Whether I want to or not, I bring who I am outside of the classroom into my teaching.  I think that part of my journey to become a more authentic educator has meant that I’ve had to come to terms with how my personal life impacts my professional life.  This must be what it means to teach and live with integrity.  The hard part is understanding how to balance the two without jeopardizing my professionalism at work or my personal life while at home.  I think I’m moving closer to reaching this balance, but it will probably be something that I’m always working on.

I’d like this realization to be reflected here.  In the future I’d like to explore how different events in my personal life impact who I am as a teacher.  I hope you – my readers – will enjoy this slight change in direction!