There are events that happen in life – experiences we go through – that completely and unequivocally change who we are.  My most recent major change was born seventeen days ago – on the second day of the new school year.  My son is a (mostly) happy, healthy baby boy and I am a freaked out, in-love-with-my-son dad.  Life will never go back to what it was pre-baby – from this point on, everything changes.

This change will invariably influence my teaching and who I am as a teacher.  The most noticeable change right now is the diminished time I have available for planning and preparation.  But I wonder about the deeper changes that will happen in me.  Will being a father change the way I interact with or view my students?  Will it change what I think is important pedagogically?  How will these changes manifest?  What will I learn about learning by having a rapidly developing son in the house?  How will I balance raising my son with my love for teaching – will the two even be in competition?

I look forward to this new adventure and for the changes that will happen within me, for the tough choices that will have to be made, and for the new summits that will be reached.