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Today was just one of those days in the classroom – my students were so whiny!  This is the poem that was born as a result. 🙂


Just Another Day in the Classroom



I don’t like what I’m working on.

Can we watch a movie?

Do I have to do this assignment?

Can I work on something else?

Why do I have to do this?

I hate this assignment.

Can we do something fun?

This is hard.

Why is school so boring?

Can I go home now?

How long will this assignment take?

Why is this so hard?

Can we watch a movie?

Can you tell me the answer?

Can you do this assignment for me?

When is school over?

Does everyone have to do this assignment?

Why is the day passing so slowly?

I hate English.

I didn’t save my work.

What should I do next?

I need to proofread?

When will we watch a movie?

I don’t know what to do.

What printer do I print to?

Can I get a drink of water?

What directions?

What’s a paragraph again?

When will I be done this course?

Why do you teach English again?


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